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Thermo Siphon Solar Water Heater Operation Principle

The thermo siphon solar energy heater provides hot water with high pressure through high efficient copper coil in the hot water tank. In accordance with non-pressure bearing style to use hot water directly from the water tank, a 45-60 turns of copper coil is equipped to provide an area of heat exchange of 1.2 sqm. When water flows into the copper coil, it absorbs the heat of the water in the tank via the copper coil therefore the water tank is just a heat storage tank. The advantage of the system is that almost no water supply (except filling up the tank sometimes) is needed for the hot water tank therefore no corrosion or scaling is possibly occur. The design of the water tank is for low to medium pressure, so the gravity self-flow water tank or the relief valve is needed. It is strictly prohibited to connect it to the water supply device with pressure.



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