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wall type of solar water heater
Detailed profile

YTBG produced by Nanjing Seasons Star Solar Energy Equipment Plant has resolved all kinds of difficult problems in every aspect from the integration of solar water heater and building itself.

First, through the technology improvement, the riding position has been figured out by the move of solar thermal collector from the roof to the outside wall and the water tank to the indoor.

Second, the riding position has no limitation any more by the separation of collector and the water tank. –the solar water heater can be installed either in the porch or on the wall, which not only has solved the installational problem in high floors, but also widen the service condition to make it possible for the users not living in the top floor to use the solar water heater. This solar water heater deserves popularization and application in more big-and middle cities.

Third, the collector area and the water tank capacity can be designed according to the uses’ different shapes of the porch, which can satisfy all the users’ needs.

Fourth, this solar water heater will beautify the appearance of the building instead of destroying it and combine the townscape in one.


Name: YTBG (wall type of solar water heater)

Capacity/power: 100L


Fission pressure-bearing design makes the scouring bath comfortable

Heat-collecting system: high efficiency to heat up more rapidly

Heat-control system: protection from overheats in summer to have a safer shower.

Fission design makes the water cleaner and healthier.





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