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solar water heater-Blue Fairy
Detailed profile


1.     The heated water is fenced out the heating to be sure you can use the new "living" water.


2.     You can choose any temperature you like at any time.



Tankmm) outerΦ 460

Vacuum tubeΦ47*1500/Φ58*1800 high effective tube

FrameCold-rolled steel sheet

Material inner tank stainless steel,SUB304-2B food,0.31mm

outer tank: fluorine titanium, 0.31mm

insulation :55mm polyurethane foamal-refective banner

Specification of vacuum tube

structure all glass concentric dual tube geometry

Material borosilicate 3.3 glass

Absorptive coating properties

Constructure grade AL - Nx/AL   solar selective absorptive coating

Method of deposition dc reactive sputtering

absorptance > 97 %    emittance < 3 %

Stagnation temperature 250 - 270 c

warranty: Work life not less than 15 years

Manual control water-feed



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