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split solar water heater
Detailed profile

Collector configuration

Frame: Aluminum + spray

Stent: angle + spray.

Pipe: PPR + hot-melt pipes.
Solar vacuum tube: Ø47mm × 1.8m support

Inside diameter: 33mm

Outer diameter: 47mm


Liner material: Stainless steel 304-2B / crystal

/ enamel, 1.2mm

Insulation layer: 5cm thick polyurethane foam shell overall

Material Pearle scent board / color-coated steel / stainless

steel / other

Electric heating: 1500-3000W



Features :特征:

1.To prevent frostbite: to start the hot water circulating pump by the temperature difference to stop it being frozen


2.To integrate the water heater and the buildingThe mutual separation of collector and water tank makes installation flexible and especially suitable for high-rise usage in cities


3.To have opto-electrical complementation and double enjoyments: to adopt automatic control system and opto-electrical auto-switch in order to supply hot water incessantly in 24h to bring you ease and comfort


4. Attractive appearance: the water tank has a elliptical streamline shape to suit the indoor installation and the fine electronic control system is the very symbol of the users’ status.


5. No water introduced into vacuum tube



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