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flat plate solar water heater project
Detailed profile

the projects design basis

1)GB/T17581-1998flat plate solar heater collector

2)GB/T18713-2002technical code of solar water heater system’s design, installment and acceptance of work

3)GBJ17-88design code for steel structures

4)GBJ10-89design code for reinforced concrete

5)GBJ9-87standard for construction loads

6)GBJ15-88design code for construction plumbing

7)GBJ93-86engineering construction of industrial automation instrument and acceptance specification

8)GBJ242-82engineering construction of heating and sanitary works and acceptance specification

9)JGJ/T16-92design code for civil construction electric

10)GBJ131-90evaluation criteria for quality inspection of automatic instrument installation

11)engineering specification for construction plumbing》(standard for heating ventilation air conditioner

12)GB50057-94design code for building lightning protection

13)JGJ116-98technical regulations for construction quake-proof and consolidation




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