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vacuum tube solar water heater project
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(1) hot water volume and collector area:
In accordance with design specifications of the national water supply and drainage, hot water temperature of 60 according to the calculation, according to the characteristics of solar thermal utilization and investment of economy, water temperature by the end of the region, water temperature, solar collector system for temperature.
Seasons stars collector plate energy output value: 1.98 KWh / group collector area of 6.25 / group.

(2) Operation mode
A, system mandatory automatic temperature cycle heat exchanger, put in water automatic.
B, heat-assisted automatic electric heating, summer and rainy days to ensure normal use

C, system features a low-temperature freezing function, to ensure that the winter unfrozen.

(3) System function
a, automatic to put in water. System Configuration liner-wide stainless steel hot water tank insulation
b, temperature cycle. Solar collectors to control the use of intelligent automatic control system forced circulation manner. That is, the water tank full of water after the first. Collector at the top and water tanks were installed at the bottom of a sense of the probe temperature T1, T2, solar reflectors collector, the collector at the top of the water temperature increased, when T1, T2 of the temperature difference between the two T reach setting, the pump start, will be a water tank of cold water out of the top into the collector, the collector of the hot water

tank top back; when T1, T2 of the temperature difference between the two settings T lower than the relative value (typically 3 -- 5 ), water pumps stop working, to complete a temperature cycle. This cycle, so that solar tank temperature gradually increased. Due to the high vacuum tube solar collectors, the performance of low heat loss, which can be run to maximize the use of solar energy resources, in any weather conditions as far as possible, to absorb solar energy, reduces energy use aids.

(4) antifreeze Road in charge of circulation and water temperature cycle
Winter when the temperature below 0 Frost Crack Pipe easy, the system when the water temperature below the set temperature, will automatically start circulating pump for antifreeze cycle to ensure that the Ice-free.

(5) The system design principles
 to save on cost, full use of solar energy resources.
Promoting environmental protection
saving investment, investment in equipment with good cost performance.
User-friendly, all operators of the implementation of automatic control
system running safe and reliable, low failure rate.

(6) on the system load problem
Our solar arrays (including pipes, frame), the average load per square meter for 30 - 50kg / , the general requirements for roof design load 100kg / , tanks must be set in the load-bearing beams and columns on this point, to that end, your side in the design of the need to fully taken into account.

(7) Insulation layer design
Insulation in accordance with the relevant norms and standards relating to solar water heating systems, the use of polyurethane foam, glass wool and other insulation materials, insulation layer thickness: thermal storage tank δ = 50mm, thermal (back) pipes δ = 25mm, more than the thickness of insulation layer are in line with the relevant national standards. (My company used water tank insulation layer of 60 mm)



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